Black Friday: Seven Things you would be better off spending your time on


So Black Friday (25th November) is just around the corner and if queuing for new TVs and fighting for the latest deal isn’t for you, our top list of alternative Friday activities may be right up your street …

1. Spend special bonding time with your girlfriend and win yourself some brownie points *What we really mean is stay in bed sleeping, playing Xbox and eating ice cream (girlfriend optional)*

Sleeping in on Black Friday

2. Test the strength of your stomach – use the time to take on a food challenge - you know where it’s at!

Eating out on Black Friday

3. Build a sofa fort and hideaway so Black Friday doesn’t cost you a penny …

Building a sofa fort at home

4. Do a Bear Grylls and disappear into the wilderness…no wifi, no shops, no people, just man vs the elements …

Adventure into the wilderness

5. Claim you’re ill and send your other half out shopping without you, as you don’t want them to miss out (more brownie points!)…then settle back and relax. Check out the latest fixtures here

Watch football on Black Friday

6. Head to the gym and work on the guns …

Exercising in the gym

7. And if you’re still not sure what to do…well its simple really – head to the pub with your mates. Find your nearest here

Where to drink with mates on Black Friday
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