9 ways to survive Christmas


With the big day fast approaching we asked for your top tips for surviving the festive period. Here are nine of the best ways to survive and thrive this Christmas, according to the Flaming Grill community.

1.Sarah’s covert operations would be more at home in a Bond film than on Christmas Day:

“Have a code word…when things get too much, say the code word to be rescued by your ‘code-word buddy’ and taken to another room for a glass of something medicinal. Alternatively, suggest a walk…via a Flaming Grill pub.” – Sarah Doherty

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2. Noeleen’s plan is super sneaky:

“Stuff them so full they can't move, wait till they fall asleep, then get the party started.” – Noeleen Pladdys

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3. Trev’s vanishing act will see you through to 2017:

“Go out on Christmas Eve and come home on 2 January!!” – Trev Candeland

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4. Sharon likes the quiet life …

“Invest in a pair of headphones!” – Sharon Jones

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5. Wendy gets the family time in early, then chases some winter sun:

“Book a flight and head out to the sun, but before you go spend some family time at the local Flaming Grill for a feast of food. Got to be the mixed grill every time!” – Wendy Hossell

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6. Craig’s got a fool proof plan:

“Eat out, go home and sleep my food-induced coma away. Wake up, drink, and spend some time with the family. Then, Xbox and beers, put on my headset, join mates and get lost in a fantasy land.” – Craig Hill

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7. Cindy’s sending everyone down the pub, now who’s going to complain about that?

“Christmas Day I'm cooking, but our local Flaming Grill is a five second walk from home so I send the family for a festive pint.” – Cindy Louise Broomhead

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8. Lisa’s channelling her inner hippy on this one:

“Just go with the flow, and don’t stress it. Simple.” – Lisa Rogerson

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9. We’d love it if everyone followed Paul’s advice:

“My tip for surviving Christmas is book a table at a Flaming Grill pub, and let them deal with all the stress of cooking while you relax and enjoy a cold beer or nice glass of wine.” – Paul Hayes

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Your local Flaming Grill will be open throughout the festive season. Check out our Christmas survival guide to find out more:

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