12 steps to a flaming awesome Christmas


1. Decorate your tree however you bloody like. Might be slightly wonky but who cares? Minimal effort yet definitely festive …

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2. Get the shopping out the way and go down the pub. Avoid a Christmas Eve dash to the local petrol station at 11pm by shopping online, giving you even more time to spend down your local.

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3. A quick pint will help you get through that first awkward encounter with your boss at the work Christmas party, but whatever you do – don’t buy shots. You’ll either end up;
  • - Sacked
  • - Poor
  • - Or hungover, half-dressed and wondering where you are

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4. Make it onto Santa’s nice list and get your brownie points in early. Treat your other half to a flaming awesome Jingle Burger or tasty turkey dinner to up the present ante (Don’t forget to book your table!)

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5. Christmas means one thing ‘festive tipples’ with just about everything. Mince pies, perfect with a tipple. Turkey, perfect with a tipple. In laws, perfect with tipple …

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6. No matter what your grandad says, he definitely does look good in an ugly Christmas jumper… who doesn’t? Plus it’s all part of the fun. And don’t stop there, get pets involved, cats look hilarious dressed up – and they love it!

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Oh, and whether you’re wearing your Christmas jumper reluctantly, or with pride, post a Christmas selfie on our Facebook wall.

7. Let’s face it, the holiday season is chaos, so make sure you take time to eat, drink and be merry with your friends by enjoying some downtime at the pub

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8. If you’re going to go big, don’t stop at the Christmas tree! Spread the festive cheer throughout your whole home, straight out the front door, on to your roof and down the drive. There’s no such thing as too much …

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9. Hang mistletoe for a Christmas kiss. If you’re single hang it everywhere you can, you could even carry some in your pocket just in case …

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10. Let’s face it, getting snow is as infrequent as a hot British summer, so make sure you make the most of it …

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11. Christmas time is for cheer and laughter…and it’s even better when it’s at the sake of your mates. Get your pranks in early this Christmas …

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12. Don’t forget that this year Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday, so why not make the most of the festivities and go out on Christmas Eve Eve as well!

Grab your friends, family, neighbours, strangers, whoever, and join in the festive fun!…

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Whatever you’re planning this Christmas, don’t forget to treat yourself to some flaming tasty festive dishes – it is Christmas after all.

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